NOV 2017 — Brand new site arriving soon!

I’m finally updating my own site! Those of you who have been following me will know that since London Creative Labs, which successfully completed in January 2013, various entrepreneurial shenanigans have kept me busy:

In Apr 2015, after 2 years of research, I created Raising Your Game (to help people change stuck habits, and to free people from addictive behaviours). This was a live site with a lot of articles and video tips. Since then I have decided to integrate much of this material into my coaching work,  which you will gradually be able to see when my new site goes live.  So for those who have enjoyed that material, fear not! It will appear in a new and improved context!

Then in July 2016, after the Brexit vote, I created The Listening Movement, running Listening Cafes to help people having a good experience of conversation and to learn about the skills involved. That is still running.

My new direction will involve coaching and martial arts in a more integrated way. Can’t wait to tell you more! Watch this space for the re-launch. Super excited!