Sofia Bustamante


Sofia is one of life's inspirational people by her actions and the way she lives her life. She always appears to me to be 'on mission' - helping other people discover how they can 'turn up the courage' for themselves. She has a gentle manner, a lightness of touch, and an authenticity of heart and soul that many - like me - find quietly inspirational and uplifting. Thanks Sofia!

Dave Hampton

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Sofia has been a facilitator for Near Neighbours ( National charity working to bring multi faiths, cultures and ethnicities together: in particular the Real People Honest Talk programmes ( in Luton and London) for three years now and Sofia will always be my first choice of facilitator.

Kim Greig -Part 1

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This is because Sofia creates a trusting, calm and inclusive environment for participants. She is innovative in her style, completely switched on and aware of varying participants from diverse faith and cultural groups. She clearly prepares her delivery, which is evident in the positive outcome of each session she has delivered.

Kim Greig - Part 2

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Outcome can be interpreted in terms of conversation, voicing opinion, reading the environment, generally enjoyment of participants, supporting people through understanding, setting a scene and comfort of style of challenge, as well as sharing her own experience.

Kim Greig - Part 3

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I have been present at every session delivery with Sofia and she is flexible to needs, and change, responds clearly, is thoughtful with her audience and personally I learn something new every time I watch Sofia deliver, thank you for your service and support, and sharing your professionalism.

Kim Greig - Part 4

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Sofia is both consciencious in her aims and immaculate in her execution

Sonia Choquette

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