Evolution Lounge, Shared Mindfulness and Co-Presencing — a poetically geeky description


Photo by Jimmy Davao

There is a beautiful moment that I always experience in Evolution Lounge. It happens quite subtly but it always does happen. It’s the realisation that not despite, but *because* of the chaos in which we are situated, and what we are doing,  the group have connected in a very deep way together. You can sense the one-ness as a visceral experience. It is as though you are all breathing together.

There is a certain point, it’s as if a gateway opens – like a “glitch “ in the matrix and you know that other dimensions of perception are now accessible.  It is difficult to describe this with words, as it is experienced with the whole body but at that point you can feel it.

This part is the “Inner journey” module of the Evolution Lounge, which is composed of several other modules. The whole experience lasts one hour. The inner journey last about ten minutes.

What the group actually does to get to this point?

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