Aikido and What Leadership Means to Me (Republished)

7565675a94188a80cff61c93fd627c36This was a guest article I wrote for PreciousSuccess. I was honoured to have been featured in their series on leadership, in which a range of change management thinkers, business owners, experts, women and men from a range of industries are asked ‘What Does Leadership Mean to You?’ Here is my response.

Leadership, is more than a theory to me, it is a practice. An example of leadership that I have experienced is in aikido, a Japanese Martial Art that I have practiced for 5 years.

From my first class I entered a unique and intense leadership training ground in which this martial art (and practice of peace) is integrated with values that the Isshinkai School of Aikido stands for: Curiosity, Honesty, Generosity, Respect and Gratitude.

In aikido, you practice the infinite subtlety of leading and following in every single move. If you cannot do a move, there is no faking it. Whenever you get overwhelmed, or cannot find a way forward, the enemy that you meet is within yourself.
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