How Sofia Can Help You

This page was last updated in 2009. Please hold tight. Complete site revamp coming end of April 2017!

I have been facilitating interventions at various levels in society since 1996. Here are some ways that I can help you and your organisation in facilitating change.

  • If you have a conflict, or a change process for which you need leadership and creative intervention, I can help you. Recent Example: Informal Economy Engagement-Process design for a local council
  • If you need a change process which needs a systemic approach, I can guide you in multi-dimensional approaches. Recent Example: Youth Engagement and Transformation Programme. Consultancy to award-winning marketing agency.
  • If you have a change process which needs a hands-on facilitated intervention, I can co-design and run it. Recently example:  Facilitation of a 2.5hr dialogue between Nobel Laureate 2006, Dr Muhammud Yunus,  and a group of people working on youth engagement with social business.
  • if you are running an event and wish to make it much more participatory, please get in touch as I can help you to leap in to another league of “including everyone” which reduces conflicts and optimises intelligent contributions Recent example: faciliating a 2-day workshop in Oxford, pioneering new ways for people to be involved both online and at the event location.

As an individual, I can help you to orient yourself in the world or to re-orient yourself.  I am a career coach and have been coaching people to “turn up the courage” in their lives since 2003.

Career Coaching: from mild therapy to shock re-invention. You choose the risk level, We design the process together. I accompany you to the extent that you define. You reach your destination.

Career Coaching with others: Evolution Lounge: Sign up, turn up and experience the power of true and real collective intelligence.

Scale-up the intervention! I operate based on the model of collaboration that the film industry uses. It is a swarm mentality. A group of independents are brought together to produce an outcome. I have a trusted network of peers that I can call on to scale-up the intervention.

Contact Please get in touch for more details on how I can help you. +44(0) 7913088975 or

A free resource: Most collaboration concepts are based in 19th century thinking. Here is a link to a more fluid model of collaboration. It is a work in progress but will give you a sense of what I do and how I can help. It is full of links and videos.

Enjoy the journey!


One thought on “How Sofia Can Help You

  1. Ashley Misplon says:

    Hi there

    My name is Ashley and I work as the Head of Resources at an international development charity called World Development Movement. Deborah Doane, my Director, suggested I get in contact with you. We have a staff member who needs some career coaching and I was wondering if you would be willing/able to provide this. We are trying to get the best guidance at an affordable rate and wondered if you would be willing to provide this coaching at £45 an hour for 5 to 6 sessions.

    If this is not possible, please let me know what amount you would be able to do it at.

    Many thanks.


    Ashley Misplon

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