Evolution Lounge, Shared Mindfulness and Co-Presencing — a poetically geeky description


Photo by Jimmy Davao

There is a beautiful moment that I always experience in Evolution Lounge. It happens quite subtly but it always does happen. It’s the realisation that not despite, but *because* of the chaos in which we are situated, and what we are doing,  the group have connected in a very deep way together. You can sense the one-ness as a visceral experience. It is as though you are all breathing together.

There is a certain point, it’s as if a gateway opens – like a “glitch “ in the matrix and you know that other dimensions of perception are now accessible.  It is difficult to describe this with words, as it is experienced with the whole body but at that point you can feel it.

This part is the “Inner journey” module of the Evolution Lounge, which is composed of several other modules. The whole experience lasts one hour. The inner journey last about ten minutes.

What the group actually does to get to this point?

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We can do better!

Picture taken at Grameen HQ in Dhaka

A friend of mine, said this today:

“Is someone trying to bury this story? The biggest single repossessor amongst all is the nationalised Northern Rock. Remarkably a lender, owned by the tax payer, finds it cheaper to evict people from their homes and offload the cost onto, guess who, the taxpayer. Repossession is a deeply unpleasant business. It starts with increasingly demanding letters and phone calls from the bank, then visits, the court”

Let me emphasize: we have an inefficient solution, extreme social distress and the tax payer footing this bill without being aware of it.

We can do better!

Without delving too deeply, and before you say “but what could a solution be?”,  how about a mediation business to mediate between the bank and the customers? This would surely be a first step. Mediation is based on win-win.

Your turn! What could be a better way of arranging this?


It is this kind of question that is at the heart of London Creative Labs. It is a new organization that I am founding that tackles societal challenges through Social Business and disruptive social innovation.

The initial details are on the site. You can track the progress at the London Creative Labs Blog.

Magic Combinations at TEDlive streaming via Nokia and Wieden & Kennedy


It was due apparently to a flash of inspiration of Alex from Wieden & Kennedy who together with Nokia, managed to offer a live streaming of TED talks to 60 people over three days. I found out though Lloyd Davis who extended the offer to the tuttle community and tweeted about it. I was lucky to see that tweet.

The experience was rather amazing. In this day and age the culture that we have access to is mind-boggling.

CIMG3047What really made the days though, aside from ongoing streams of ground-breaking thinking and being that TED talks almost always bring, was the magic combination of the following:

  • like-minded people gathering
  • a physical setting conducive to relaxing, working and meeting others
  • a possibility to select the attendance time based on topic of interest, (further clustering people around their interests)
  • good food and drink
  • free wireless internet
  • plenty of plug points
  • friendly hosts always at hand

In short, Wieden & Kennedy and Nokia did this very right.

I went along on the Wednesday 22nd July and chatted for the first time in earnest to Andy Broomfield who is concerned with the user experience of interaction with technology Andy does fascinating art/technology installations which explore the human relationship with gadgets. I encountered a vibrant group of people at the gathering including some young people there with lots of energy.

Here are some tweets from that day to give you a flavour of the topics

@MarcSchmoeger: RT @evangineer Plants think of CO2 as a building block, like coral. There’s a US firm using the same technique to make cement #TEDLive

@Evangineer: Ambushed by cheescake!

@Casablanca: “90% of the feature requests for Microsoft Word are already in Microsoft Word. The interface doesn’t scale” – @azaaza #TEDLive

After the event, I ended up exploring tentatively with Alex from W&K about further possibilities. What could be done after a day like this? What could harness the inspiration that comes from such an event?

Reflecting afterwards, you could look at this as a scale of engagement action, ranging from minimal effort (1) on behalf of the organisers to maximal effort (4):

  1. At least, allowing existing individuals to connect: sharing of contacts: of course this depends on the organiser and they may have reasons for not doing this
  2. Allowing longer conversations to continue: offering one or more times where people can gather to follow-up conversations. Have ready-prepared venue/time suggestions that people can easily sign up to. This can also work
  3. Deliberate deepening of the connections: Offering a series of World Cafes, allowing generative conversation.
  4. Offering more deliberate interventions. E.g. channelling creativity into action streams, incubating new project ideas.

How to do this? There are so many ways the methods are evolving. In fact this topic is huge. I am very glad Alex mentioned it and I look forward to being in conversation with more people on this very soon. It will be a core element to London Creative Labs. (So if this is your domain or you would like to explore more with me, please do get in touch!)

A big thanks meanwhile to the hosts and the organisers for their very fresh initiative. I hope that this event repeats or morphs into the next exciting iteration.