Evolution Lounge, Shared Mindfulness and Co-Presencing — a poetically geeky description


Photo by Jimmy Davao

There is a beautiful moment that I always experience in Evolution Lounge. It happens quite subtly but it always does happen. It’s the realisation that not despite, but *because* of the chaos in which we are situated, and what we are doing,  the group have connected in a very deep way together. You can sense the one-ness as a visceral experience. It is as though you are all breathing together.

There is a certain point, it’s as if a gateway opens – like a “glitch “ in the matrix and you know that other dimensions of perception are now accessible.  It is difficult to describe this with words, as it is experienced with the whole body but at that point you can feel it.

This part is the “Inner journey” module of the Evolution Lounge, which is composed of several other modules. The whole experience lasts one hour. The inner journey last about ten minutes.

What the group actually does to get to this point?

The group stands somewhere with a high quantity of disturbances (noise) and is asked to externalise what they are noticing, whether on their inside or outside, what they experience through their senses. It can also be an emotion. Thought is sometimes invited, but this is something that I believe will tend to take people out of their body so I usually suggest that people stick to observing inner sensations/feelings and emotions and noticing outer disturbances through their senses.

People are sometimes shy to do so at first, so we lead by example. Gradually participants begin to contribute and a natural rhythm and flow of observations ensues. As the group externalises what they notice, so our consensual reality expands as a group. This continues until gradually, it is as though the thoughts quieten and like a tap that has released its last drop, the group is now in a different and profound state.

A veil has lifted on our normal world, where we now see and sense a very different place, together. This is the crux – that it is experienced together. This gives participants a totally different platform on which to experience the next stage – the outer journey, as they are now connected in with each other at a very profound level.

This is the art of co-presencing. In the form of a broken down and simplified tool that ordinary people can experience first hand. Here is a practice of shared mindfulness, where we become one mind, with a shared exocortex.

This is super empowering because it has been reached *through* and not *despite* chaotic surroundings. Encouraged, if somewhat surprised by that fact, people then start the outer journey of Evolution Lounge.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this, and especially of course I’d love you to come and experience Evolution Lounge for yourself and hear your own views on how it develops us to be more mindful, as a group of people.


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