Boldness And Poetry

BoldnessIsn’t it interesting how, when all hope seems to be lost, the mythic, the poetic and the romantic take over. I don’t think that there is anything wrong with that. In Iran, the drive to keep hope alive turned poetic when the collective peaceful protest seemed crushed. You can sense the change in tone the moment hope raises its head. Today, as renewed protests erupted, the famous Goethe quote appeared in relation to the convulsive situation in Iran.

Poetry accesses the “river beneath river” “rio bajo rio” as Clarissa Pinkola Estess says — the deep knowing of the soul.Β  A brilliant peer of mine says that he thinks that what he does only contributes at the subconscious level to strategic processes. But you see, the poetry, the myth is what sets the frame of our conscious perception. So it is vital we have the right kind of poetry in our hearts. It becomes the connecting thread to a logic that is right for us but that that we do not yet understand. It is paramount therefore that at the subconscious level, we have the right programs running in our minds πŸ™‚ It influences our capacity to access strength when there is no strength, courage when we are feeble and insight when all is confusion. It enables us to “see in the dark.”

After visiting Bangladesh, I have come back with a deep drive, to stimulate the emergence of more Social Business to address our societal problems. Wow. Its a big mission! I better have the right poetry in my head right now. What would that be, I wonder?

I think that for myself, the right poetry in this case would be the stories of what is possible when people who are attempting to change society do not accept failure. They might fail along the way but they get up again and again. Their approach is disruptive. They look for the systemic assumptions in society that are not working to the betterment of society. They turn them upside down. As they succeed, the stories they leave in their trail are poetic to me. By keeping them in mind, they will set the frame for what I am doing. They become the incentive for staying in the game. Stories of dignity, holistic solutions. This is the kind of poetry I want to hold in my head.

Where can we apply ideas of Social Business such as those in Bangladesh, in London? I am so eager to discover! What are the limits of Social Business? What is its potential? I can’t wait to begin and am full of the spirit of new beginnings. I feel as though a new age is dawning and success is tentative. Perhaps this is why I am drawn to watch what happens in Iran. I hope to celebrate with the Iranians. I often heard people talk about what a fascinating city Tehran is. I had heard about the changes bubbling within Iranian society for several years now. Let us hope that people hold the vision strongly enough for the poetry that ultimately liberates the society.

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